Reader Feedback 3: The Thrive Profile

Not too long ago, I wrote about Thrive Conference (see here for that post). Since then, I have received no less than two types of feedback. One person said that my review was thorough and well-written, going on to say that any conference whose verbatim purpose says nothing about teaching and preaching Jesus Christ is “disconcerting.”

Another person said that I essentially crud over the entire conference in this “completely negative” post, especially given the fact I attended in 2015 and admitted to liking it (I even said as much in a Facebook post shortly after the event, and I do not care to delete said post for the sake of transparency and honesty).

Did I admit to liking Thrive 2015? Yes. There were some good things I liked. In fact, for the sake of making a best effort in fairness and objectivity, I cared enough to list those good things (the good food, the monetary blessing, the emphasis on community, the potential of their Apologetics Conference, etc.). If this post of mine was completely negative (and I do not believe it was), it would not care to list any good parts (legit, potential or otherwise) of the conference. Instead, it would legitimately be one-sided like this post here (while this one side from this post has some good information and excellent points, it is still very one-sided and thus lacking in objectivity). Furthermore, it would fail in trying to examine everything carefully (1 Thessalonians 5:21).

I still hold to my position of choosing not to attend another one of these conferences despite the good I mentioned. Also, I cannot in good conscience recommend this conference to anyone, given what I stated in my original post. I certainly would not condemn another for attending. However, it would be very important for the attender to examine everything carefully, holding fast to that which is good, testing all things to make sure whatever doctrine is being taught is sound with what the Scriptures say (1 Thessalonians 5:21; Acts 17:11; 1 John 4:1). After all, as I mentioned in my post, many a false teacher has contributed to that conference. That was the main reason (in addition to the vagueness, the verbatim omission of the Great Commission, etc.) I refuted it. I love Thrive’s emphasis on community. However, if it tweaked its aim to the Great Commission on the overall, only then would it truly thrive.







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