Recap: 2017

2017 was quite a year, even if it was not a full year of writing (start date was July 9, 2017). Doing a blog during my mission trip to Spain earlier this year combined with a different approach to writing (weekly instead of daily since daily burned me out years ago) sparked this “Faith Contender” blog. At the time of this posting, this blog (37 articles, not including this one) has generated over 8,573 views from 62 countries spanned over a dozen search engines, all since July 9, 2017. The following is a list of the top 10 articles (based on views) for the year.

#10 – Profile 6: Joyce Meyer (240 views)

Per my pilot blog, one of my goals in writing is to fill in the gaps of communication. Many a person has written about Meyer, one of the most popular Word-Faith preachers today. While I try to refrain from writing about people who are already well-known, this was an exception; I know some people who follow her teachings. Not writing about her simply was not an option. Hopefully some viewers, known or unknown, realize that she is a dangerous false teacher.

#9 – Book Review 10: The Questions Christians Hope No One Will Ask (with answers) by Mark Mittelberg (252 views)

I purchased this book at a recent church event. While it has some good information, the lack of a filter by Mittelberg resulted in my not giving a full-fledged recommendation to this book. Had he used a filter, I would have called this book a must-have.

#8 – Profile 10: Levi Lusko (291 views)

This profile post was done only 2 weeks ago and yet it is #8 on the list. Lusko is certainly a rising name in the evangelical world. However, he should have stuck to comedy or motivational speaking. The guy is far from a sound handler of God’s Word.

#7 – Book Review 3: Hellsong by Lance Goodall (330 views)

I’m convinced the word “Hellsong” or even “Hillsong” is a clickbait type of word, hence this book review’s positioning on the list. I had a lot of anticipation for this book. I was disappointed by the frequent “off-topic” moments. Despite that, this is one of the more well-researched books I have seen, thus making it a good read.

#6 – Timeout 2:’s “Top 20” List Turns The Eyes Away From Jesus (333 views)

If you thought was a good website for Christian articles, think again. While it does not whiff on every single one of the individuals (let it be known such a list is futile since we should be pointing people to the Bible, not popular individuals), the list proves has no problem harboring wolves.

#5 – Profile 9: Louie Giglio (364 views)

I had some help from a friend regarding the view total on this one ( This same friend has used some of my other articles as part of his work. The objective? Get the word out on the false teachers to mark and avoid (Romans 16:17). That includes #5 on this list, Louie Giglio.

#4 – Profile 7: John Maxwell (404 views)

For whatever reason, John Maxwell’s various pages (he has quite a few organizations) flood my news feed as a “sponsored” ad or something. What do I do in response, you ask? Share this post on their “comments” page. I’m convinced that’s what helped this article break the 400+ views mark. Hopefully these viewers learned something along the way.

# 3 – Book Review 6: The Christian Atheist by Craig Groeschel (479 views)

At the time of this “book review” post (10/15/17), I finally learned how to use the “tags” feature of a post (pathetic as it sounds). I added some tags for this article. I’m convinced that’s what juiced the views on this one, making it the top “Book Review” article of 2017.

#2 – Profile 2: Carl Lentz (604 views)

This was far from one of my best posts because I was barely getting my bearings in on how to construct decent articles. However, I shared this article much when PureFlix decided to flood my news feed with its promotion of a Hillsong movie (Lentz is the Hillsong NYC pastor). Hopefully, like the Maxwell sharing, people learned something along the way by viewing this post.

#1 – Profile 5: Beth Moore (1,191 views)

The runaway most-viewed post was my post on Moore (viewed 587 or more times compared to any other post). I broke my “fill in the gap” rule when making this post given the plethora of existing information on her. However, like the reasoning behind my “Meyer” post, I know some people personally who follow her teachings. I tried to be fair in this post (like I try in all of them). However, it is clear that Moore is far from a sound teacher.


When I started this blog, the strong emphasis was on refuting false teachers. However, the blog has taken a bit of a turn. While it will still both have posts that refute false teachers and maintain an emphasis on contending for the faith that was once for all entrusted to the saints (Jude 3), it will also include different types of articles. These include the book reviews, semi-devotionals and “time out” articles I have done (among others). However, I will also be posting many more Bible-based answers to questions that people (Christians and non-Christian) have. In the last nine days I have posted three such articles (see here, here and here, in that order). I anticipate posting many more in 2018. This mean more articles, more material, and hopefully more learning for anyone that views them.

If you have viewed my blogs regularly, I thank you very much for taking the time to do so. I really hope this has better equipped you to both contend for the faith and give a reason for the hope you have, yet with gentleness and respect (Jude 3, 1 Peter 3:15). God bless, have a safe New Year’s Eve and have an awesome 2018.

Stay contending.







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