Question 2 (Part 5 of 5): Why does God do nothing when tragedy strikes a young child?

***DISCLAIMER*** This part is the conclusion of this “Question 2” article (please read part 1 here, part 2 here, part 3 here¬†and part 4 here if you have not done so already). These questions/statements did come as they are shown in a big paragraph. Instead of organizing for the sake of clarity like I have done on previous articles, I instead let the paragraph be (but separating into smaller paragraphs as needed, and it was definitely needed). However, I still edited the statements for grammar.

You will notice that I did not answer any of his questions. Given he has embraced an eternity in hell (see part 4 for those unfortunate details), it is pointless to answer the questions he continues to ask. At this point, only the Holy Spirit can change his heart. I advised him that given his stance, I have no choice but to pray for him.

What follows is his response to my part 4 answers. I then respond back to him. For his response, all commentary I have is bolded in parenthesis (any words in parenthesis but NOT bolded is from the questioner and not myself).


Thanks again for replying, Firstly, I have a big problem with god (he does use little “g” in his responses) not wanting us to perish because he loves us so much, yes? Well then, why would he even allow for such a dreadful place such as hell to exist?! Not to mention the fact that probably 90% of those who have ever lived will end up there for the wrong reasons simply because they are/were born into the wrong faith or born gay. The deeper I looked into the bible (he also uses little “b” for the Bible), the more I was convinced that it was written and influenced by man, not god, because it simply doesn’t add up at all.

The god of which you speak doesn’t condone slavery, murder, or many other things we deem completely wrong (it’s possible he may have meant that God DOES condone such things, even though God really does not because God is just). The god of which you speak created the Loa Loa parasite!! Why?! He must also have created bacteria and harmful germs and then neglects to warn us of the dangers! And above all, he expects us, without a shred of evidence at all, to believe in him, worship him (and I can tell you, I for one bow to no one, ever), and yet all he need do is take over every single TV Station, radio and internet and reveal himself? Job done. Yet, he refuses and leaves people like me (who he gave free will to) to deny his existence (a terrible sin, yes?). Well, it couldn’t be easier. Just reveal yourself (PROBABLY), and I will do as he asks.

You say you will pray for me? Well, that’s very sweet of you. And I will think of you. But I’m sorry, for I simply won’t pray (or talk) to an imaginary god who won’t talk back, or reveal himself to me, and thinks it’s ok to let the likes of Tommy Jones suffer and die like he did.



At this point, given the fact you have embraced both an eternity in hell and a rejection of the one true God, I have nothing new to add. I am not here for debate. I have given you the truth. I have nothing further to state except that I will continue to pray that the Holy Spirit softens your heart so that you no longer have the delusion you have. Only the Holy Spirit can change your current viewpoint of who God is. I pray He does that.

I will be praying for you. I have also asked others to do the same.


As I have asked before, please pray for this individual. This individual is under a strong delusion. only the Holy Spirit can change the individual’s heart. I pray the individual repents and trusts in Jesus Christ alone for salvation before it is too late.


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