Book Review 20: “How To Witness To Anyone” by R.A. Torrey

In How To Witness To Anyone, R.A Torrey writes a book that is short on commentary but rich in Scripture citations. In his introduction, Torrey notes the importance of being prepared to answer various questions on heaven, hell and eternity when confronting people with the truth about those things (p. 7). The subjects and Scriptures in this book correspond to a larger work by Torrey called How To Bring Men To Christ. Torrey then lists the requirements for leading souls to Christ (pp. 9-10). This list is a good list because it lists the specific people who can lead souls to Christ. He also gives an outline of what his book provides (p. 10).

The book itself has ten different sections. Each section contains a number of subsections (pp. 11-104). This “body” part of the book is, for the most part, void of any commentary. Instead, it primarily lists Scripture citations that either seemingly or certainly pertain to each section. A number of these citations are single verses. While one can often abuse/misapply single verses ripped from context, Torrey does not really abuse any verses here. Some more commentary definitely would have helped in explaining why some passages may fit under a particular section (or even multiple sections). Then again, this book is admittedly part of a larger work (a work I have not read). As a result, this “body” section of the book is essentially a reference guide more than a “how to” section.

In the book’s conclusion (titled Helpful Soul-Winning Hints), Torrey gives fifteen hints that basically read as a code of conduct for the soul-winner (pp. 105-106). For the believer, these are basically common-sense in nature. Nevertheless, they are great reminders for anyone concerned with making disciples of all nations, preaching repentance for the forgiveness of sins in His name (Matthew 28:18-20; Luke 24:36-49).


Given this book is more of a reference list of biblical passages for certain sections than a “how to” anything, this book does not quite fit its title. While it does list solid points of emphasis for how to be a “soul-winner”, it does not quite go into extreme detail of what those points entail. Then again, this book is admittedly part of a larger work. Therefore, it is hard to really scrutinize this book to pieces. While this book is short on pages and commentary, it is both simple to read and loaded with Scripture citations. I do not believe it is the best book on effective evangelism. Nevertheless, it is a good and quick reference guide that can certainly both help a believer in bible knowledge and remind him/her of the basic behavioral requirements when evangelizing.



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